Double Spring Prime Tummy Trimmer

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The tummy trimmer is a revolution for both home and commercial Gym’s.

The tummy trimmer is a simple and portable exercise aid (equipment)
that brings to your convenience, the solution to obesity and unfit
health, without biting into your schedule. It’s conveniently compact
size means it can fit in any bag or brief case and can be done anywhere
you find time and truth be told that’s a pretty simple way to stay fit
the time savvy way even if you are a busy professional.

Built with the concept of minimalist utility, the Tummy Trimmer exercises are not
only thorough, but very simple and easy to conduct on a daily basis.

  • Start by inserting your feet in the respective contoured foot pedals.
  • Reach over and firmly hold the handle grips and straighten up with
    both your hands and feet in their respective handles and pedals.
  • The third step requires keeping your legs stretched out straight and
    pulling the handle bars up to your chest and then relaxing the grip and
    repeating this process for about 20-30 minutes a day for quick and
    effective results.
  • After 3-5 days, now start leaning your body over towards your feet
    to tone your abdominal muscles (the tummy) in a rhythmic lean over, lean
    back position for 20-30 minutes every-day and continue this until
    results are prominent

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Double Spring Prime Tummy Trimmer

950.001,400.00 (-32%)

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